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We have developed cloud-based solutions capable of helping companies to control technological complexities by allowing them to focus on the strategic, control and enhancement aspects of their business.


QmX is the corporate governance solution capable of effectively managing all processes. A tool that aims to accurately guide the operations of management and users, and also measure company performance by being equipped with an effective system of data analysis and business intelligence.

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Our iNspXt platform with innovative state-of-the-art technologies, designs that offer pleasant user experiences and cloud infrastructures in order to guarantee the highest standards of quality, security and reliability.

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QmX is an integrated web solution, usable from any device, which guarantees the digital transformation of quality assurance and control processes as well as corporate governance through the automation of workflows and the digitization of business forms and registrations such as Supplier scorecard, NCR , and Test reports. By making corporate governance completely digital and paperless, the analysis of corporate performance is also improved by developing an effective and real-time information data structure capable of guiding management in strategic choices through advanced business intelligence systems.


Our platform has been designed to support deskless workers through remote collaboration, including assisted reality applications for managing the planning of control, supervision and maintenance processes, integrating it with mobile and wearable technologies so as to share data and knowledge in time. between experts and remote personnel.

The advantages of our platform are many

Allocate the technician more suitable for the types of intervention.

Plan well scheduled and punctual the activities.

Digitize and share instructions, product specifications and checklists with on-site staff that can be easily consulted on connected devices.

Get traceability data and analysis in real time.

Record and monitor. Non-conformities, breakdowns and repairs.

Reduce travel and costs of intervention.

Simplify the transfer of skills.

Real-time communication with the parties involved in the activity.

Compatible with Laptop, Mobile, Tablet and Smartglasses.

Implementation flexible options.

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